Matthew J. Kellett

Website Architect and Developer

Professional Development Portfolio

All of the sites below have been developed throughout my professional career

  • BT Exchanges


    Local business and residential directory with full ratings and review functionality. I also consulted on the accompanying iPhone application that was developed for which we won an View Website award.

    Coming Soon
  • BT Customerstreet


    BT Customerstreet is a corporate website with WordPress MU integration and custom authentication plugin

    Coming Soon
  • BT Customerstreet Site Builder


    The BT Customerstreet Site Builder is a website CMS for customers to manage their websites. It includes custom themes, galleries, forms, advanced layouts and video plugins.

    Coming Soon

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About Me

I am a website architect and developer working as a senior developer for BT Customerstreet in Lancaster.

I specialise in PHP and MySQL but I also utilise several technologies and techniques including XML, XSLT, MVC, DAO and SOA to name a few.

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