Matthew J. Kellett

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Below are the websites I have developed or worked on throughout my development career

  • The Golf Bug


    The Golf Bug is a site for golfing enthusiasts that I am currently developing. The site uses a custom MVC that I have been working on for the past few months and utilises several technologies including ...

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  • Walkies 4 Dogs


    Walkies 4 Dogs is a site dedicated to finding pet carers across the United Kingdom. The site utilises a MVC framework I developed to control the dataflow and permissions throughout the site. The technologies used within ...

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  • Keldec Decorating


    Keldec Decorating is a business website that I built for my final year disseration. The difference between this site and the hundreds of others out there is the estimation system built into the site that given a set of parameters will calculate an estimate to complete the work.

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About Me

I am a website architect and developer working as a senior developer for BT Customerstreet in Lancaster.

I specialise in PHP and MySQL but I also utilise several technologies and techniques including XML, XSLT, MVC, DAO and SOA to name a few.

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