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Links Database

This system is a links database which includes categories and a management system for the module.

Download the Links Database Add-on

Add-on Details

  • Working Under - Fusion 2.1 (needs testing and confirming for Fusion 2.2 beta2
  • Modification Status - Finished
  • Pre-requisites - None
  • Author(s) - Matthew Kellett (aka GizzmoAsus)
  • Date - 10/05/07
  • Credits - Guys of FBB for their suggestions
  • New Files - Quite a few, see the zip file for details
  • Datebase Altered - Yes
  • Instructions / Other Info - See the install text file but basically it's a case of adding the tables to the database and add the folder 'linksdb' to the root directory of the forum.


  • Link Listings


    This screenshot shows how the main index will look if the person viewing the page has the rights to manage the links.

  • Add A Link


    This screenshot shows the options available when adding a new link (also permission based). Editing and deleting a link will produce a similar screen but with confirmation options at the bottom.

  • Initial Management


    This screenshot shows the initial page that you see when you arrive at the manage links page. There are three main options - Config options, Category Management and Link Approval.

  • Extended Management


    The shot above shows the page with all the options, outlined above, expanded. The images represent the different actions that can be carried out and a quick hover over witll describe what each link does. I tried to choose images which would be self explanatory but if there is any confusion then let me know and I will see what others I can find.

  • Add Categories


    This screenshot shows the quick process of adding a new category to the database, editing one produces the same fields but with confirmation details at the bottom. This is a similar situation for deleting categories with the exception that the fields are not editable.


  • 09/10/2007 - Added a filter to allow users to specify wether links open in new pages or open in the current window.
  • 07/10/2007 - Added filter support as well as the config option to show them. This does require an update to the database to add the new setting.

Future Changes

There are a couple of additional settings that I am working on at the moment including:

  • Reciprocal linking
  • Optional filters
  • Custom filters
  • Custom fields
  • Detailed information page
  • Any other suggestions

Download the Links Database Add-on


Please backup every file that you intend to modify. If the modification modifies the database, it's a good idea to backup your database before doing so.

Note: If you modify your Fusion code, you may be giving up your right for 'official' support from InteractivePHP, Inc..If you need official support, you'll need to restore unmodified files.


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