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FusionBB Addon Portfolio

FusionBB is an online community system which allows users to discuss topics and share photos. These modifications below were made as extensions to improve on the base functionailty for the system.

Most of these modifications were made on behalf of the Mondeo Enthusiasts Group before it was migrated over to IPBoards.

  • Links Database

    This system is a links database which includes categories and a management system for the module.

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  • Thankyou System

    This system allows your members to thank each other for any favours / assistance they do. It has a link in the mini profile found when viewing posts.

    Allows a reason to be added which is stored in the database as well as providing a view of all the thanks someone has recived.

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  • Auto PT Topic Starter

    This adds the ability to send an automatic PT to the topic starter to inform them that their topic has been moved from one forum to another. There is also an option to not bother with this (comes in handy if you delete threads by moving them to a hidden forum).

    You can also enter a reason for the move to encourage them not to make the same mistakes again.

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  • Photopost Gallery

    Adds a link to a photopost gallery if the user has an account on there with the same username as on fusionbb. The link appears above the status icon in the mini profile when viewing topics.

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  • Classifieds Mod

    Adds a classified system to your existing system. Ideal for those who sell vehicles on their site and want a more suitable system for doing so. The system has been implemented over at the Mondeo Enthusiasts Group.

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  • User Rating and Feedback

    This system integrates with fusionbb 2.1 and allows your members to rate transatcions etc between each other. There is an option within the admin cp to allow feedback on a specific forum. Once enabled it then displays a form at the bottom of the topic for all those who have participated within it to leave feedback for each other.

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  • Finis Code Database

    This add-on enhances any vehicle system using FusionBB by adding a Finis Code system to the main functionality of the site, they system can be updated by members and moderated by specified usergroups.

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