Matthew J. Kellett

Website Architect and Developer

Development Portfolio

Welcome to my development portfolio

This section of my site is a portfolio of the sites and addons I have helped to create as both a developer and system architect. To make browsing a little easier I have divided up the portfolio into three main categories:

  1. Professional - Sites I have created and modified whilst under the employment of a larger organisation
  2. Personal - Sites I have created and modified as an individual
  3. Addons - These are addons / plugins that I have developed including:
    • FusionBB - A community forum software
    • Wordpress - A blogging software

Feel free to contact me regarding any of the developments found within my portfolio via the contact form

Portfolio Categories

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Latest Updates

The latest additions to my development portfolio

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About Me

I am a website architect and developer working as a senior developer for BT Customerstreet in Lancaster.

I specialise in PHP and MySQL but I also utilise several technologies and techniques including XML, XSLT, MVC, DAO and SOA to name a few.

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