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This section of my site contains useful code snippets that I have either written or found. Those which I have found will have credit to the original author attached to the snippets.

The links on the right hand side will take you to the relevant code snippet category section

Each snippet will come with a form to leave comments on, please feel free to leave your own comments or code improvements to each of the snippets. If you want to add snippets to this section then please do so by contacting me

Navigating this section

In order to keep things simple, this section of my site is categoriesed into different code types, i.e. PHP code types. These types can be found using the menu on the right where you will also notice the latest 5 code snippets can be seen.

Code Requests

You can request code snippets, funcitons or even classes by filling out the form below. I cannot promise that I will be able to fulfil every request but I will do my best and please continue to check back for updates (at least until I add an RSS feed smilie)

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Latest Code Snippets

Below are the latest code snippets that I have written