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This contains a selection of articles relating to either the site or other general ramblings that I come up with.

PHPNW 2011 Conference Review

This weekend (8th / 9th October 2011) I had the pleasure of attending PHPNW's 4th annual conference as both a delegate and a speaker, this article is a review of this awesome event (not biased at all wink). Read all about it here.

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PHPNW 2011 Social Media Integration Presentation Information

This is a brief article in preparation for my upcoming PHPNW Conference presentaion on Sunday 9th October 2011 in Manchester.

The aim of the presentation is to increase the overall awareness of social media and outline how it can be used to increase both content and drive traffic to your site.

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PHP Unconference Europe 2011 Review

What is an Unconference?

Well an unconference is a unique approach to conferencing. A typically conference usually consists of a pre-defined series of talks and presentations across two, sometimes three streams.

This is where an unconference differs; the main basic principle is the same, however talks and presentations are voted for and submitted at the beginning of each day. This means that all of the topics up for discussion are relevant to the audience and based around peoples interests.

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Recent Site Changes

For a while now I have neglected my other site in favour of updating this one. As a result I am now in the process of migrating over some of the content from there to here.

Main higlights

Due to this plan I have created a few new sections to this site:

  • Articles - The main place where all of my articles will go
  • Code - Somewhere to store snippets of code that may be useful

Whilst the content in both of these sections is scarce, I will be significantly adding to them in the upcoming weeks so feel free to nip back and check it out smile

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