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This section of my site will contain articles covering a wide range of topics from PHP development to latest technology developments. Some of the upcoming articles are as follows:

  • A review on test driven development and it's potential use within a team
  • Open source software and personal development environments
  • Conferences and networking
  • iPad and a developers guide on using it
  • Many more ...

Below you can find a the latest articles produced under each category:

Development Articles

Preventing XSS Attacks

The third article in the series around coding for security, this article covers of some of the basic principles for preventing Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

(19th June 2011)

Preventing SQL Injection

The second article in the series around coding for security, this article covers of some of the basic principles for preventing SQL injection

(19th June 2011)

Coding for Security

The first in a series of articles relating to code security along with some techniques to combat the usual suspects and a couple of approaches to improving secure code

(19th June 2011)

PHPEdit 4 IDE Review

An article reviewing the latest version of PHPEdit with higlights around the new featureset being worked on by the team over at WaterProof

(9th February 2011)

Technology Articles

HTC Sensation Review

A review of the latest HTC Phone, the HTC Sensation after less than a week of usage

(4th June 2011)

Personal / Site Articles

PHPNW 2011 Conference Review

This weekend (8th / 9th October 2011) I had the pleasure of attending PHPNW's 4th annual conference as both a delegate and a speaker, this article is a review of this ...

(10th October 2011)

PHPNW Social Media Integration

An update about what my presentation at this years PHPNW conference will contain.

(3rd October 2011)

PHP Unconference Europe 2011

An review of PHP Unconference Europe 2011 that I recently attended

(21st February 2011)

Recent Site Changes

An article describing the latest set of changes and future plans for this site

(2nd February 2011)

Standards Articles

Website Coding Standards

An article outlining some research I carried out into current day web standards

(6th February 2011)

Web accessibilty and the current situation

An article relating to website accessibility and the state of web standards on the internet at the moment

(8th November 2009)

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Coding For Security

Below are the articles in this coding for security series.