Matthew J. Kellett

Website Architect and Developer


My name is Matthew Kellett and I am a website architect and developer with a passion for both website and server architectures.

I specialise in PHP, XHTML, CSS and website standards including accessibility. I am also skilled in the art of JavaScript for GUI enhancement and Ajax for script side communications, typically utilising the Yahoo User Interface library.

You're probably wondering why I call myself a website architect, well the answer is quite simple really. The definition of an architect is "someone who creates plans to be used in making something" and throughout my day to day role as a senior developer, within BT Customerstreet, I am responsible for planning and implementing both server and code architecture through the use of design patterns. The largest of these being the BT Customerstreet Site Builder which utilises a type of proxy to display websites to customers whilst a load balanced server cluster is used to serve the site builder itself.

Within this role I have also contributed to and implemented several development team changes to both the working practices and the technologies that are used. Some of these include:

  • Coding Standards
  • PHPDocumentation
  • Subversion leading into Continuous Integration
  • Code reuse in the form of a common MVC

Feel free to look at my skillset for more information

Outside work and personal developments I can usually be found on one of the following golf courses in and around the county of Lancashire:

At present I play with a handicap of around 17 or 18 but some might say my handicap is turning up and teeing off. If anyone fancies a game sometime then feel free to contact me


This section briefly outlines my current skillset including languages, techniques and various technologies


Below is a brief list of the languages that I am proficient in

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • JavaScript including YUI
  • Perl
  • MySQL
  • XML / XSL / XSLT / XPath


Below is a brief list of the techniques, technologies and design patterns that I have utilised both professionally and personally

  • MVC Design Patterns
  • Agile Methodology - Scrum & Extreme Programming
  • Subversion Version Control
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test Driven Design
  • Unit Testing
  • SFIA Framework

Social & Professional Networks

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Testimonials and Feedback

Below are a few testimonials that I have recieved from both colleagues and clients, most of these can be seen on LinkedIn but more will be added shortly

I have been working with Matthew for a few month now assisting him with the recruitment of development positions. Matthew took the time to go into additional details to explain exactly what he was looking for with his positions and nothing was too much trouble. Matthew has always maintained honest and open communication with me throughout the recruitment process and is a pleasure to deal with. He made the recruitment cycle a smooth process. I look forward to working with Matthew again to further recruit more developers.

Anneka Wood, Specialist Development & Digital Marketing Consultant, IT Works

Always enthusiastic about new challenges. Very trustworthy with both projects and new initiatives. Forward thinking, Matt not only helps to drive initiatives but provides valuable input too.

Tom Davidson, Development Manager, BT CustomerStreet

Matt's knowledge of PHP OOP was quite amazing. I remember having interesting conversations with him about all kinds of intricate solutions for the problems that we were facing. His input was always quite valuable and helped in some of my personal programming problems. In terms of personal relationship I really liked Matt, he was the kind of person one could connect instantly and have a good friendship.

Gustavo Carreno, PHP Developer, UFindUs

Matt has taken on the development of one of the major applications at BT Customerstreet and he has taken it to new heights. As well as his talent in PHP, he has a sound knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as experience in XML, XSL and JavaScript, the knowledge of which grows by day. And he has taught me so much in the year we have worked together, I couldn't ask for more from a colleague.

Alex Hall, Web Developer, BT Customerstreet

Matt is one of those people who does not make a song and dance about his work, but instead gets on with quietly doing his work to an excellent standard. Well read and thoughtful about a range of web technologies, Matt will provide original insights on any project he works with, and has the depth to his skill base to complete anything he is asked for. I would highly recommend Matt as a sensible, safe pair of hands for any web project.

Stuart Laverick, PHP Web Developer, BT Customerstreet

Matt has an encyclopedic knowledge of a number of different coding languages and disciplines which have been put to good use in developing the BT Customerstreet Site Builder, which is constantly improved to meet the needs of our clients

Richard Cross, SEO Engineer, BT Customerstreet

What can I say about Matt, he is very dedicated to his work. He always makes sure anything he works on is exactly what you requested and MORE, which always surprises me how deeply he considers any job that he undertakes. He is not a bad golfer too. He comes highly recommended.

Lee Johnson, Search Engine Optimisation Manager, BT Customerstreet

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